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Anna has worked with a number of companies as a director and workshop leader, including her own company ha! theatre - a site specific theatre company based in the UK - which she co-founded in 2003:

"Themes and inspiration for ha! shows are often found in current issues and from the places we live in. We create events and shows to raise awareness and to open people’s minds to our world today. Our aim is to inspire, involve and encourage as well as providing work opportunities for artists. We use nature’s elements, various art forms, physicality, spoken word and visual effects to create a new realm for the audience to enter"

(photos from ha!theatre)

Anna has also directed for First Draft (London), Chippingnorton Theatre, The BAC and The Eden Project (Cornwall).

As a workshop leader Anna has extensive experience in working with people of all ages. She thoroughly enjoys teaching Drama and Movement and has been doing so on a regular basis since 1997. Companies worked with include: Splats Entertainment (Make a play in a day), The Eden Project, Nesta, Value Theatre (young offenders unit), Big Foot, The Common Players, and various schools around the country

Orphans Hope Project

Anna also runs a small charity for orphaned boys in Guatemala called Orphans Hope Project - please find out more about her work on by clicking here

Orphans Hope Project anna lindgren DQ Management: 01273 721 221