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Anna has been modelling for over a decade. She has appeared in commercials for major campaigns including Jägermeister, Fidelity Investments and The American Soccer Team.

Being a former Circus Artist work doing contortion, modelling for health clubs (including Cannon’s and The Third Space) and other fitness engagements have been very regular. Other modelling work includes catwalk, body parts, music videos, swimsuit shoots, editorial and events. Anna is a muse for renowned photographer Allan Jenkins and Cornish painter Chris Insoll.

Read testimonials from Photographers and artists here.

For modelling enquiries please contact Anna direct or call Ugly/Rage Models on 020 7402 5564 or

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Photographer Allan Jenkins -

"Without a shadow of a doubt I believe that Ms Anna Lindgren qualifies as an outstanding individual. Having worked on various advertising and editorial photo-shoots with Anna she has proved time and time again to be a professional person who is reliable and dedicated. Amongst Anna’s achievements at photographic studio, Anna was published worldwide on posters for IKEA in 2004. Subsequently published in a female sportswear campaign for Addidas and has also collaborated on various exhibition projects relating to dance, movement and acrobatics. Anna’s images have been exhibited in “the Louvre” in Paris, AIPAD in New York, sold at Christies Auction House in London and published in various photography magazines and books. Anna has an exceptional skill in the workplace and works well as part of a team. I would highly recommend her as positive force to be around."

JUMP Design and Direction Ltd

"Ms Lindgren has worked with Jump over the last 3 years as a model and a performer, most noticably appearing in the title sequence for ITV1's primetime style show Make Me Perfect. The show attracted a huge audience of 20 Million people. Her professionalism, experience and acrobatic skills meant the filming went smoothly, the end sequence looked amazing, and the channel clients were delighted." Russel Hilliard


Photographer William Ingram -

"I have known and worked with Ms. Lindgren for many years, and she is an individual of extraordinary ability! She is a very accomplished model in the fine art and commercial photography world. Her skills range from being very creative and highly motivated to artistically sensitive and spiritually sound. When I work with Anna the result is a collaboration between myself and her, attempting to lay bare the uniqueness of herself in a quiet performance, as herself. My work with Anna creates a dialogue between myself and her, a gradual process of assimilation by the artist and of self-discovery by the model, a symbiotic partnership whereby the defining image will be something we work out together and elaborate by mutual agreement. Anna’s skill lies in her expressive potential inherent in herself, her ability for self-expression. The result of our work together is more than a likeness or an expression, it is an unselfconscious self-portrait of herself in complicity with the artist. Anna is an individual of exceptional presence and extraordinary ability! And she truly stands out as having a high level of skill in the world of commercial photography and fine art."

Photographer Adrian Samson -

"Anna Lindgren is a fabulous personality and a great actress to work with. I've been shooting with her a photographic book which required strong acting and modeling skills and Anna was one of the very best for this role. Her experience and exceptional charisma had proven that she has everything a great actress needs to have"

Photographer James Reynard -

"Anna is an extraordinary model, and a model professional. I worked with her on a photographic shoot for Stockings and Romance lingerie during summer 2008. Her appearance was immaculate, and she is, of course, beautiful, but her contribution extended to much more than that. During a long and intensive shoot, Anna was a constant source of ideas, she maintained great humor and focus, and was willing to go that extra mile to get the job done. I would be eager to work with Anna on future shoots"


Photographer Michael Palmer -

"When working with Anna Lindgren earlier this year I had a great time. She is committed, professional and full of ideas and energy. A great team player and a beautiful model too. Her physical ability, flexibility and poise are rare qualities and Anna manages to use them in a very interesting and advantageous way during shoots. This woman is set for an international career and I would highly recommend her as a model and /or performer to other employers. "

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